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Lover of Literature and Bookstores. Healthcare Professional by day and a writer by night. A Storyteller. I strive to captivate through writing the raw honesty on parenting, relationships, child development, co-parenting, divorce, and the good moments as well as the bad. The scary feelings and the welcome ones too. The need for a break from parenting and the need to bash those who bash imperfect parenting and everything in between can be found here on MoreThanMothers!

I’ve been published on Buffington Post, Disney’s Babble, LiteraryMamma, WorkingMotherMag, BraInChildMag, MamamIa, The Good Men Project, HerViewFromHome, TheToddle, ThriveGlobal, Scary Mommy, HuffingtonPost and several more. Proactive, witty, and innovative. Also adaptable to your sensitivities of my use of profanity and willing to take it down a notch if I like you enough. But, only one notch.

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I don’t want to face the fact that this is what I am today, what I’ve been several times before, and what I know I will be again. Even after this episode of anxiety and depression goes away

What an Early Miscarriage Really Feels Like

“I go to the bathroom between every patient, wiping obsessively. I’m in a frenzy, wanting so bad to see white on the toilet paper. My eyes work to convince me the red is nonexistent as my heart tries to convince my brain everything will be fine.

How to Be A Good Daddy

No one can replace the importance of a father on a child’s well-being. Dr. David Popenoe, is a noted Sociologist studying the importance of fathers  from an early age. His studies have found that father’s have a powerful impact on child development.

We Can Be More Than Mothers

You need to stop thinking the next thing is always going to make you closer to happiness and realize you could be living more content if you would let yourself. Stop feeling like you don’t do enough or don’t have enough. You know better.

I Just Kept Writing

The why I got started doing something I love will always trump the how. To start, I had to get close to my all-time low to realize several things.


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Healthcare by day and a Storyteller by night.

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