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Lover of Literature and Bookstores. Healthcare Professional by day and writer by night. A Storyteller. Always a Mother. I strive to captivate through writing the raw honesty on parenting, relationships, child development, co-parenting, divorce, and the good moments as well as the bad. The scary feelings and the welcome ones too. The need for a break from parenting and the need to embrace in imperfect parenting and everything in between can be found here on MoreThanMothers.

Previously published on Huffington Post, Disney’s Babble, LiteraryMamma, WorkingMotherMag, BraInChildMag, TheNatPath, Mamamia, HerViewFromHome, TheToddle, ThriveGlobal, Scary Mommy, The Mighty, Oc87Recovery, Parent.com and many more lifestyle websites. I have also created content for Healthcare Providers including Social Media and Blog posts as well as ghostwritten professional articles for physicians and mental health providers.

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I Just Kept Writing

The why I got started doing something I love will always trump the how. To start, I had to get close to my all-time low to realize several things.

Forever my Little Boy

My first born is turning 8 and starting second grade. He’s feeling excited and I’m feeling emotional. He is thinking of new things he will get to do with his older age and I’m thinking about all the things he won’t ever do again. He won’t sit on my lap, tell me if a...

The Woman You Once Knew Is Still There

“You’ve been thinking that it might be over. You’ve known about it for a while, but conveniently chose to ignore it. That is, until you didn’t. That’s when your lives started spiraling downhill and then spiraled again some more;

To the Good Single Dads From a Single Mom

You single dads may feel stupid for treating your ex so well when so many men don’t. But you are not stupid. You are amazing. It’s hard, really hard. Men need to cut all ties when moving on from a relationship and you can’t do that when you are a parent.

Problems in Blended Families

“If you think that life in a traditional family is difficult, try sharing your most intimate moments with people you feel like you barely know compared to the people you have spent your entire life around.”

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Healthcare Professional by Day and Writer by night. Always a Mother.

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