The Most Common Problems Among Blended Families

"If you think that life in a traditional family is difficult, try sharing your most intimate moments with people you feel like you barely know compared to the people you have spent your entire life around."


Dear Toddler, I have a few suggestions…

I really wish you were more reasonable, and less like a drunken mental patient. I mean I love you with all my heart, but you are really testing me when we are running late and you insist on wearing one sock on your hand. Really? You are already wearing two mismatched socks on your feet as it is and you … Continue reading Dear Toddler, I have a few suggestions…

The you before them

You used to be somebody else—someone besides their mom. Ever since you took this role on it’s felt like your only role, but it doesn’t have to be: you can still be that women you were before you had your kids and life took on a brand new shape. You’ll just find that it is a … Continue reading The you before them